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Foto Artis Seksi dan Hot Tasya Djery Emor

indonesian artist Tasya Djery Emor

Tasya Djery Emor

foto hot Tasya Djery Emor

foto bugil Tasya Djery Emor

foto seksi Tasya Djery Emor
Sexy Show, Tasya Djery Emor Supported Families

Playing movies vulgar or look sexy does not seem to make Tasya Djery Emor not make girl afraid. For a girl born August 18, 1990 was a new experience with these roles.

"Yes I wants that sexy. There was never afraid, yes just wants to be a new experience.'ve basically I like to dress sexy," she said when met in the shower Akibat Pergaulan Bebas 2 movie in the D'Hook Cafe, Radio Dalam, South Jakarta, on Monday.

Tasya Djery Emor sexy appearance in the film was made ??by Findo Purwono also get family support. But they also continue to provide limits for girl.

"The family, its okay, why not. road to a career for them not a problem. Just do not remove everything," she explained.

The actress who originated from the extras in various soap operas and the film is considered that in the movies Akibat Pergaulan Bebas 2 a challenge as well as for her career surge. She tried to be professional with the scenario she faced.

"This is an opportunity for me for a career. I myself really, really challenging, so professional. If the scenario is so, I have received," explained Tasya Djery Emor who want to portray the antagonist.

"Want to just portray the antagonist. Indeed, if I see another person living in say 'cool' face I was,"said the girl from Manado has ever followed this sport karate.

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