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Ariel-Luna Maya Berpelukan di Tahanan


Ariel and Luna Maya still love each other in the middle of the video cases are dragging their dealings with the law. The two hugged each other affectionately when met at Police Headquarters jail cell.

"They hug. It seems they take off the miss. But baseball to cry. Luna's heart more steeled Ariel only. He seemed to embrace with great taste. And it seems this is the first time they met. I think Luna was the first time to visit Ariel," said producer Peter, Capung , at Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Monday (06/28/2010).

Still said Capung, celebrity lovebirds were not only just met and embraced. The world just like theirs. "Should people who've been going out to see baseball. What I'm catching hell like that. So that Ariel is more resilient in the cell," he continued.

Although not up to sobbing, Luna visible emotion watching Ariel, who crouched on the condition of detention cells in makeshift conditions along with other prisoners. "Luna may be touched. Shed tears does not, just filled with tears," he said.

Was the meeting Ariel and Luna was touching flavored kiss?

"That baseball idea. Maybe it does, people should go out. We are in regular conversation. Ariel's haircuts, hosted by Luna capster too," he said.

Well, the photo was circulated, Luna was seen wearing a red scarf or pasmina wrapped around her shoulders. Pasmina was similar to that worn when he visited Ariel.

In the images look, Ariel was wearing a black shirt. Ariel Luna looks lap with his back to a mirror. Both appear to consider a cell phone held by Luna.

Images obtained via google was allegedly taken on Monday, June 28 and then, or when Luna had visited Ariel in custody. Until now, the police could not yet confirmed the authenticity of this picture.

Today, police continued to investigate suspected cases involving hot videos Ariel, Luna Maya, and Cut Tari. Of the three men established a new Ariel becomes a suspect.

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