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Foto Sexy Artis Pevita Pearce 'Casual White'

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Pevita Pearce

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foto seksi Pevita Pearce
Pevita Pearce Like Watching Chelsea

Perhaps no one knows if a girl of 17 years who have strengthened the film "Denias, Senandung di Atas Awan" and "Lost in Love" is like football.

"I'm really interested in the same sport, let alone a football. Because I have a brother man, so it really support this event," said Pevita Pearce when met at the Launching Adidas Predator X, Pro Futsal Arena, Jakarta.

The reason behind the liking Pevita Pearce itself apparently due to family factors which turned the football enthusiast. However, she girlself has not participated in its early stages the play the round leather.

"I love balls of small because I'm family. There is a desire to try it (football), but can not chance it might. Sometimes, we as women like to think, you doing girl like a ball but after watching instantly excited really," Pevita Pearce said.

Although the start attracted football, Indo-faced girl's own claim that there is no crush club in particular. However, she admitted that like to watch when the English club, Chelsea, were playing.

"Because my father likes of Chelsea, so we used to watch Chelsea wrote. I also love with Chelsea but maybe because of the influence of the family wrote. I'm also not a collection of fine, I have only support it," said Pevita Pearce.

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