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Foto Seksi Artis Five Vi "Sexy Blue Glamour"

Five Vi

artis hot Five Vi

artis seksi Five Vi

foto seksi Five Vi

foto hot Five Vi
Five Vi, Glad Sexy Labelled

Five Vi Rahmawati artist absurdly pleased when she branded sexy girls. For Five Vi, as the sexy girls dressed commonplace because she often opens up to show her cleavage.

"Let people know who I am. The important thing is I just adjust her place. If I walk to the upscale mall with a sexy dress, people would see it for granted. But if the market, certainly a different story. All depends on the human brain. So do not blame me, please, "Five Vi said when met at the Immigrant, Plaza Indonesia, Jakarta, recently.

Even so, the Five Vi admitted to not feel uncomfortable. By appearing to wear minimal clothing and open, she wants to be labeled sexy. "Images I really like it, might not look sexy when wearing protective clothing," she explained.

According to the widow who played in the movie 'Hantu Binal Jembatan Semanggi', almost all dressed sexy and open.

Five Vi actual claim sometimes there's shame when dressed too sexy

"Well what can we do. All because the demands of the profession and as an artist I must be professional, "she explained.

Although dressed sexy, but a matter of romance, the widow of one child is still confused. Her boyfriend, Mark, Caucasians of Italian origin has yet to give certainty. "I think if long distance is hard too," confidante.

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