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Foto Hot Artis Andi Soraya Part 2

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foto sexy Andi Soraya

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If Being At Large, Andi Soraya Select to Switzerland

State of Singapore has always been the choice of the corrupt to escape. However, the choice of Singapore considered beautiful artist Andi Soraya is not the right choice.

"Singapore is not the best option to avoid the law. If you want to run away I prefer to Switzerland, if there are legal problems with the government of Indonesia," Andi Soraya said when contacted by reporters in Jakarta.

"Well maybe they feel more secure, because it's different international law, and we do not have an extradition treaty," said Andi Soraya.

Andi Soraya
option to Switzerland to do because of the convenience factor. "If the comfort factor of my problem if there is legal issues with the Indonesian government would run to my swiss. Because the more comfortable and more powerful International legal protection than Singapore," said Andi Soraya.

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